Win-win cooperation, adds new army

On March 17, 2016 Korea Asia World Compressor Co., Ltd. world engineering sub Park Yuanzhi chairman led a delegation line four visit drum, company and run Shan Liu, general manager, deputy general manager Chen Shuangsheng, general engineer long Lin Huang, on drum agent Korea Asia World air suspending blower matters friendly consultation and communication, to undertake the outcome of the previous rounds of consultations, the two sides reach a consensus, jointly signed the "long drum and South Korean World sub Engineering Co., Ltd. air suspending blower agency agreement" and "memorandum of cooperation", and made the formal authorization agent.

South Korea Asia world as one of the industry leader in air suspending blower and the design and manufacturing of air floating blower with air suspension bearing and high speed permanent magnet motor, aviation forging aluminum alloy high strength centrifugal turbine three core technology integration products, after years of market adjustments, verification has good market foundation and strong vitality. This marks the drum with agents as the starting point, a high starting point in the high-speed centrifugal blower products, market and service.

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