My company to participate in the CHINA+EPTEE+CWS IFAT 2011 International Water Treatment Exhibition to the water supply and drainage

May 5 to 7, my company to jointly organized by the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, Shanghai ZM International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Munich, Germany Expo Group Shanghai 2011 China international environmental protection, waste and resource utilization, China International Water Treatment Exhibition. There are more than and 800 enterprises from the domestic and international more than and 20 countries and regions on display their products, technology and services in the field of environmental protection, there are more than 20000 professional visitors to visit. To take this platform, we to the social from all walks of life show the company's technology strength, product quality assurance, so that more environmental companies know our company, at the same time, through further communication with all parties of environmentalists, and promotion, for the company to find more potential customers of.

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